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I originally stumbled across Oliver Armstrong Therapy through a good friend who happened to mention a little about his work. It had been less than 24 hours since I had put a call out to the ‘universe’ for support for my acute, long term anxiety and on and off bouts of depression. Looking back I think it had been going on for at least two years.

I had finally realised that I needed help to figure out what was going on for me as I was hopelessly confused, debilitated with my anxiety and could hardly make decisions nor cope with much at all really. I felt like a complete mess and was in a lot of emotional pain and inner turmoil. I was anxious about my kids (now adults), I was anxious about the world and unable to see any of the ‘big’ picture at all…I felt rock bottom, stripped bare to my bones. Approximately eight years earlier I had fallen into a BIG hole (aka break down) and realized my symptoms were fast approaching what it had felt like back then…hence my urgency to seek support.

I read Oliver’s website, watched some of his videos and realized immediately that this felt like a great fit for me…so many things resonated on many levels. Once I had the ‘free trial’ session I had a full body YES to working with Oliver and signed up on the spot. ☺

I had engaged in some regular psychotherapy sessions last November for approximately 3 months which had addressed a few issues (back then) but obviously there was a lot more bubbling away under the surface, most of which was unconscious and unknown. I believe that this counselling would not have resolved those deep down unconscious patterns and beliefs even if I’d continued due to the fact that I had absolutely no idea of what they were.

I had never heard of conversational hypnosis prior to meeting Oliver and in many ways perhaps that was a good thing as I was completely open to the process with no set beliefs about it. The thing was that Oliver’s approach, his amazing skills and his deep presence brought about an immediate feeling of absolute trust…and I felt so fully supported in a deep-hearted kind of way…so it made complete sense to me to surrender and allow whatever needed to arise, trusting that with Oliver by my side we could tackle it. One of my intentions in the beginning was to resolve my ‘stuff’ fully and deeply…I was fully committed to allowing the flow, with a willingness to follow the journey wherever it took me.

Each session was revelatory, Oliver’s singular presence and attention to my journey was phenomenal…I had never encountered someone who could be so fully present and emotionally ‘there’ for me like that. Never once did he falter on recalling the detail of things I had expressed or shared with him…his presence felt like a full blown circle of elders….listening with their hearts and sharing their wisdom as I moved through various painful layers (and some not so painful LOL) that surfaced throughout our sessions. Also, Oliver was available anytime if I required extra support so I felt held in solid supportive hands throughout the whole time.

Now…barely three weeks later I am a completely different woman. I feel connected and grounded like never before…I have an amazing set of skills to use whenever I might wobble or feel anxious about something in the future. I have cleared very old beliefs about myself (such as I’m not important, I don’t matter) which have held me in unhelpful and unhealthy patterns for my whole life. I have healed and forgiven and learnt to hold myself with strength and gentle love. I had serious issues about being ‘alone’…and just two days ago I took myself for an afternoon of solitude along a remote beach. For the first time in a very long time I felt able to be in the ‘now’, connected to the world and the land that felt very rich and fulfilling. It was truly revelatory to experience being by myself, feeling peaceful and content.

During this time on the beach reflecting and walking this mantra appeared in my mind… ‘I am strong, I am wild, I am connected, I am beautiful’. I am filled with gratitude for the gifts Oliver has given me…I am filled with gratitude to his ‘walking by my side’ fully and completely…I am filled with gratitude for the commitment I made to myself…to work this through…
Thank you immensely Oliver…I would highly recommend Oliver to everyone…if you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally distraught, anxious, depressed…life can begin again with the right help and support. 


Oliver has actually transformed my life.
Before my treatment I had been struggling with anxiety since my early teens as quiet soldier, it would control most aspects of my life… Unrelenting dread would be the best to describe it. The constant state of panic was so debilitating that I resorted to anti-anxiety medication to keep myself sane. I honestly thought this was the reality of my life but I knew that how I was dealing with my condition could not continue long-term. 

I was definitely open to the idea of learning some mental techniques to help deal with panic attacks. I expected Oliver to show me some tools but never did I think that I’d be able to live without the anxiety holding me down. My expectations were so very short of the outcome.

I have been absolutely blown away by the treatment I received. Oliver not only exceeded my expectations like nothing else but I never thought I could say that after three sessions with Oliver, I am now 8 weeks free of any anti-anxiety medication and I am never looking back!

I give my thanks entirely to Olivers treatment. I can't say that I am 100% cured from anxiety, as Oliver has explained that the emotion is a part of life but he has given me the tools and behaviours I now use every day to keep my anxiety in check. 

He made me feel safe and was so very professional and compassionate as well. Words cannot remotely describe how I feel reflecting on my past struggle, and how grateful I am that Oliver was there to help me when I was in need (I'm even getting teary with joy right now!).
Like I said Oliver has transformed my life!


A friend recommended that I contact Oliver and see if he might be able to assist me. He was more than happy to come to my aid. After a few sessions with Oliver it is remarkable the changes I have experienced. By using his techniques daily I have turned my Life around and am now back in control of my thoughts. I am enjoying full night sleeps. I'm waking up with good feelings and positive thoughts. I wanted to pass on my experience with Oliver to you as I am very grateful and excited that he has been able to help me in a low point in my life and I believe he can help you too...


I don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal business with strangers, but this wasn’t the case when I spoke with Oliver. As our conversations were over the phone, it didn’t matter if I, looked unkempt or pulled a funny face while I was crying - nobody was looking, I felt safe, I didn’t feel judged and somehow it was easy to tell my story, warts and all. For some reason talking over the phone is like chatting to a good friend??

Week one, it felt good to gain some perspective on how and why I was reacting the way I was. Oliver reassured me, told me I could stop berating myself - it wasn’t my fault!!! he gave me the tools, the confidence and the hope that I could and would move forward and that was such a relief.

Week two, I had a major shift during a particularly enlightening session. I wish I could adequately describe what happened, but the words wouldn’t do it justice. Suffice to say I could see and understand how past experience, moments in childhood, and or old conditioning can carry through into adulthood – and this didn’t take months to figure out and for me to understand!!!!

Week three, I wasn’t consumed by thoughts of my ex, I found optimism for the future, I found laughter, I started doing the things I’d previously enjoyed. Of course, I still had moments where I felt sadness but now I knew how to not let these moments consume and overwhelm me.

Week four, I started to wonder if this wasn’t all too easy… how come I didn’t have to go back and relive all my past issues.…. would my happiness come to a halt… would I revert back to depression and sadness when I didn’t have Oliver to talk to? That’s the good thing about having email, text and phone access – there’s reassurance and an explanation of how this process works – and it definitely does. Also, during this week I had a chance meeting with the ex, this was when I knew how much I’d grown and how much stronger I was. I didn’t crumble, fall to pieces, cry or feel sadness, in fact I came away feeling strong and empowered – I simply had the right tools to cope with the situation and it felt so good!

Week five, we chatted and recapped the overall process – I knew I could carry on without our sessions. I can’t thank Oliver enough for his calming voice of reason and understanding. With his help during the past FEW weeks, I know I’ll be fine in the future and that’s such a powerful and strong gift, something I’ll always be grateful for.
Cassie came to me in 2014 with a debilitating fear of heights and flying. Watch this video (made one year later) to see what she was able to achieve without the limitations holding her back!

Cassie H

In 2016 I helped Tracey with an intense fear of flying. It was so bad she couldn't even go near an airport! Within a couple of sessions she was fear free...

Tracey T.

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