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You don't feel normal, do you?

Half the time you feel like you're going crazy. That constant feeling of impending doom, like something is going to go wrong but you don't know when, how, or why... And boy does that worry make your stomach churn.

And the thoughts! Oh, the relentless thoughts

Day and night, they are there, ready when you’re not - to worry about anything and everything! But the kicker is…

 Nothing you do seems to get rid of the anxiety.


Whether you’ve tried yoga, meditation, exercise, breathing techniques, grounding, journaling, counselling, psychology, or medication. They all have one thing in common:


It helps for a while, and then the anxiety strikes again.


You know deep down that all you’re really doing is managing the anxiety – you’re treading water - you’re coping as best you can day to day...

The overwhelming thoughts, the random emotions and the waves of panic becoming more frequent and more intense. Months of no sleep will become normal and those crazy symptoms, like nausea, heart palpitations, stomach pains, neck tension, random twitches and strange nerve pains, will become familiar.

And if you’re thinking ‘time will heal this’, I've got more bad news… 


Time itself doesn’t heal - it has no natural healing abilities.


Giving yourself time to heal can actually result in anxiety becoming more neurologically complex and “deeper ingrained”

This is due to two neuroscience principles, called Long Term Potentiation (LTP) and Hebbs Law. Which in this context, is where the repetition of everything that makes up your anxiety (the symptoms, limiting beliefs, avoidance habits, negative associations, etc.) literally become neurologically wired together and stronger in the brain, making your anxiety grow into bigger spider-web of a problem, the longer you have it.

I’ll say that again…


The longer you wait, the worse anxiety physically gets in the brain! 😖

...but there is a solution

Let me introduce you to my Subconscious Neuro-Reprogramming Anxiety Program.

A program with an approach that has helped hundreds of people, just like you, get rid of anxiety in as little as 2 weeks!

This program will:

  • Explain what you really need to know about the function of anxiety, so you will clearly understand what your body is doing, which means you’ll never be scared of anxiety or panic attacks again!

  • Teach you practical skills to stop ANY thoughts, feelings or emotions… so that you can have conscious control of your mind anytime, anywhere, day or night - which means you’ll be in the ‘drivers seat’ of your mind.

  • Remove limiting beliefs about what you think you can and can’t do, so that you will have the confidence to try new things, to experience things you never thought possible, and to succeed in any areas of your life.

  • Give you back trust in your own mind, so you won’t criticise or second guess yourself constantly, which means you’ll be able to make clear decisions confidently.

  • Improve your self-worth so you can begin to truly love yourself, which means you’ll become mentally stronger and more resilient because you’ll be happy with who you are.

  • Most importantly the subconscious causes of your anxiety will be easily discovered and painlessly resolved, without digging up the past, or focusing for months on your problems, which means you’ll be able to live a (better than) normal life, doing whatever it is you want to be doing!

  • Provide unlimited communication with me 7 days-a-week though instant messaging or email so you can have professional support when you need it - problems don’t wait and neither should you, which means you’ll feel calmer, and reassured knowing help is only a message away if you need it.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

Okay, so I didn't actually get a T-Shirt…

But I struggled for nearly 20 years, with debilitating overthinking, negative emotions, stomach pains, chest pains, months of barely any sleep, negativity bouts of depression, constant panic attacks, super low self-esteem, terrible self-worth, and a page load of other symptoms that were part of my anxiety (and most likely part of yours too).

To keep a long story shorter…

I tried talk therapy (which didn't help), and I had zero desire to take anti-anxiety medication (due to it being ‘hit or miss’ with a range of horrendous side effects).

But I didn’t give up…

I spent around two years learning deeply about the mind and body and how to use it for healing.

During that time of self-discovery, I changed my big limiting beliefs which held me back. I emotionally resolved traumatic memories. I changed negative thought patterns, I became comfortable being out of my comfort zone...

And I kept on changing problems and parts of me until I no longer feared anxiety or panic attacks, and then they stopped for good.

I was excited and inspired by what I’d achieved, so in 2013, I trained and qualified in Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy and began to help others with anxiety.

It took me a long time to get to where I am. But the insights, knowledge, experience and hundreds of therapeutic hours assisting others, has allowed me to refine an approach to be able to help people, just like you, get rid of anxiety and gain the confidence, strength and mental resilience  (which took me years to achieve), within 2-3 weeks - even if you've tried everything else!

But don't just take my word for it...

Success stories from people just like you.


"Now…barely three weeks later I am a completely different woman. I feel connected and grounded like never before…I have an amazing set of skills to use whenever I might wobble or feel anxious about something in the future. I have cleared very old beliefs about myself (such as I’m not important, I don’t matter) which have held me in unhelpful and unhealthy patterns for my whole life. I have healed and forgiven and learnt to hold myself with strength and gentle love."


"I have been absolutely blown away by the treatment I received. Oliver not only exceeded my expectations like nothing else but I never thought I could say that after three sessions with Oliver, I am now 8 weeks free of any anti-anxiety medication and I am never looking back!"


" I knew I could carry on without our sessions. I can’t thank Oliver enough for his calming voice of reason and understanding. With his help during the past FEW weeks, I know I’ll be fine in the future and that’s such a powerful and strong gift, something I’ll always be grateful for."

What to expect from my Anxiety Program...

  • Stop the anxiety and experience big positive changes within 3 weeks (with results from the very 1st session) which means you can be happier sooner.

  • Online - 1 on 1 - video sessions, you can stay in your PJ’s anywhere in the world and overcome anxiety!

  • No limit on the number of sessions included/required (no one-size-fits-all here).

  • No time limit on session calls… (you have as long as we need).

  • Unlimited messaging contact with me, 7 days a week, which means you’re not alone, we’re a team and 'I got your back'.

Is there a Guarantee?

In a way, yes. Before you commit to anything, we’ll first need to speak with each other on a confidential Free Discovery Session Call, so I can find out exactly what your specific problems and desired results are.

If I'm confident that I can help you get the results you want, AND you're a good fit for my program... I’ll explain how I will help you feel waaaay better than the normal’ you’ve been hoping for - which means you will be able to enjoy your family, your job, and ultimately, living your life - all within a couple of weeks.

Now, this Anxiety Recovery program isn’t for everybody. This is only for people who are seriously motivated to end the anxiety cycle naturally and change their life.

By the way, due to the level of inclusions and support I provide in this program, I only accept 2 new clients each week, so it’s best to apply to work with me now, and you won't have to wait another month.
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