Emotions to determine what we think and how we behave or react / EMOTIONS DETERMINE THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIOURS.Four example if you fear something, your thoughts will ‘talk you out’ of doing it and you will react or behaving in a way that avoids doing that ‘thing’.On the flip-side if you are excited about doing something, your thoughts will positively focus on that thing and you will do it with little to no resistance.Our emotions drive us to either DO things we do want to do, or to NOT do things we do want to do.Something is only a problem for you if it FEELS like a problem… if you feel neutral or positively towards something how can it be a problem?Think of it this way:Imagine that emotions are the foundations of a house.…That thoughts are the walls of a house.…And that behaviours are the roof.When the foundations are solid and stable, so too are the walls, and therefore the roof stays strong.Now if the foundations are wobbly and weak the walls won't be as supportive, resulting in the roof caving in or crashing down.For example if somebody FEELS confident (Stable foundations) they tend to think confident thoughts (stable Walls), which results in them behaving confidently (strong roof).Yet if they FEEL depressed (weak foundations) they will think negative thoughts (unstable walls) which results in them behaving in a depressed way; such as struggling to get out of bed, moping, slouching, etc. (broken/collapsed roof).Solid foundations determine stable walls and a strong roof…OR…EMOTIONS DETERMINE THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIOURSThis is why, regardless of the problem, my focus is always to make changes at the emotional level (to repair the foundations). Because once those foundations are strong, so too are the walls and the roof!Unfortunately traditional talk therapies like counselling and psychology tend to focus mainly on the walls and sure if you spend A LOT of time reinforcing the walls, the roof ‘can’ become a little more stable… but ultimately the core emotional problem still exists which results in either more intense thoughts and behaviours developing down the track; or what is most common is that there is no change to the problem at all.So how am I able to help people remove fears within one session or to heal decades of emotional pain within 3 to 4 sessions…By making changes where the changes NEED to be made!