For 17 years of my life I struggled daily with the negative and catastrophic thinking that arises with anxiety. Feelings of dread consumed me. Self-doubt sabotaged opportunities, both personally and professionally.

At three periods in these 17 years, my anxiety left me in a very dark place. I felt desperately unhappy and miserable. Everything in my life seemed shit - there is nothing good about crying in bed before work every morning. At times, suicide felt like the only way to stop the fight.

I didn’t give up the fight (obviously) and always managed to keep going, even if, at times, it felt simply like existing and, most definitely, not living.

The third bout of depression hit me the hardest and was especially hard on my partner (now wife). This is when I decided something HAD to change.

I went to see a talk therapist who also happened to be trained in hypnotherapy. The talking about my past and my current problems didn’t help much… But thinking about hypnotherapy reignited my long-term interest in hypnosis (which I first dabbled in at 17).

By reigniting my interest in hypnotherapy, I was led down a path of extensive study and self-healing.

In 2013 I completed a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at Hypnotherapy Training College Australia. Then I started taking on clients who suffered with anxious thinking. I wanted to help other people through the crap I went through but as quickly and safely as possible.

From that point on I consumed everything I could find on therapeutic training, neuroscience articles, and anxiety-related content.

I kept improving my skills and my clients achieved their desired results faster and faster.

I’ve helped nurses, builders, architects, CEOs, office workers, mothers and fathers, teenagers and 70-year-olds. children - I’ve helped people avoid the need for anxiety medication, or to be able to stop their medication completely with the guidance of their doctor.

At one point, a local doctor referred Parkinson's patients to me for help with their anxieties. I also successfully assisted one of her patient’s who had myoclonic jerks and was told she couldn't be helped - even by a neurosurgeon.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, of all ages and every single one of those people experienced profound emotional shifts from the very first session without needing to talk about the past, or having to take anti-anxiety medication.

YOU are no different…

If you REALLY want to change your life, by resolving the problems you currently have, you can.

I did. Once my brain and body was no longer dominated and consumed by anxious thinking and feelings, I started making changes to my life that mattered to me. Now I choose to live and work in a caravan with my family (currently travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand). We spend every day travelling, exploring and being together - now I truely feel like I am living!

If you’d like me to help you break free of anxiety and change your life too, let’s talk.

You can use the button below to schedule a free, no strings attached, one hour strategy session with me where I will explain how, and how quickly, you can have a breakthrough to start living the life you want.

I can't wait to speak with you,


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