March 5, 2021


By Oliver Armstrong

This is Jane ➡️👩‍💼⬅️

When Jane was younger someone close to her hurt her and damaged her RIGHT knee. At first Jane didn’t realise her knee had been damaged by the person so she simply continued on with life.

A few years later Jane decided to have nothing to do with that person... but she had developed issues with her LEFT foot from unknowingly walking badly to overcompensate for her damaged right knee.

The left foot issues greatly affected her life and after a while she avoided meeting new people because she had learned to NOT trust many people out of fear that they too may hurt her. 😒

Their lack of trust affected both her personal and professional relationships so Jane was now lonely most of the time 😔

Jane eventually went to a ‘foot talk-therapist’ about her left foot issues... after discussing the foot issues in great detail over many months, the therapist told her that time would heal her left foot issues and that “anti-foot-issues medication” may help her cope until then.

She tried the medication 💊 only to experience side-effects worse than the left foot issues AND the foot issues remained 😩 so she stopped taking the medication.

Jane improved her diet 🍅 and it really helped to reduce the foot issues and it positively changed her overall health significantly...

but the left foot issues never fully went away, so she simply accepted that this is the way she is now and that “time would probably heal her left foot issues... eventually”

Sadly time did not heal them.


It’s probably obvious to you that all Jane needs to do is get her RIGHT knee issue resolved to help her get back her balance, so that the symptoms (the issues with her left foot) can clear up right?

So consider for a moment what similarities exist between Jane and you?

Low confidence, trust issues, “fear of it happening again”, anger, anxiety - These are all ‘left foot issues’ (symptoms) and until you have emotionally 'let go' of the issues from the past which are the cause (right knee issues) it’s highly unlikely the symptoms are going to get better.

...if anything they’ll probably get worse, because time does NOT heal all negative emotions from traumatic memories, it adds to them!

When you purposefully resolve negative emotions from past experiences/memories which are the cause of your symptoms (trust issues, low confidence, anger etc.), the symptoms will usually go away automatically and if not, they can actively be changed for good because the causes no longer exist to reinforce them.

The sooner you resolve your “right knee issues” the sooner the “left foot issues” can change too!

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