Anxiety can be stopped and traumatic memories can be resolved without talking about the past or taking medication. I've done it, my clients have achieved it, and so can you...
Find out how with a...

I’ve been where you are...

The constant anxiety - 

  • endless self doubt,
  • negative thoughts that won’t stop,
  • deep feelings of sadness, dread and impending doom,
  • stomach issues,
  • lower back pain,
  • low confidence in all aspects of life,
  • no motivation,
  • a body and mind that struggles to sleep and feels exhausted…

I’d better also mention the panic attacks -

  • chest pain in the heart,
  • tunnel vision,
  • pins and needles in the arms and hands,
  • difficultly breathing (like trying to deep breath through a straw),
  • a burning dry throat,
  • and constant waves of fear rising from stomach to head…

Let's just say my quality of life felt like I was merely existing, and not truely living...


Is doesn’t have to be this way.

Even after experiencing anxiety for a third of my life, I now no longer live with ANY anxiety (other than the natural and temporary response that it is). My panic attacks have completely gone. I now experience inner peace, daily happiness and freedom from the control of anxious thoughts and feelings.

I also have the confidence to make important decisions that improve the quality of my life and help me feel like I am truely living.


Why this is great news for you…

I’ve lived with anxiety. I know it first hand from the inside out, not from a textbook or a diagnostic manual.

Most importantly I overcame it. Not with medication or by talking in detail about my past, but by using my own brain’s natural ability to change (neuroplasticity), coupled with some extremely powerful methods, neuroscience principles and vital knowledge you need in order to stop the internal fight and gain freedom from anxiety and inner peace.

Not only have I helped myself but, since 2013, I have helped hundreds of other people, just like you, to overcome anxiety.

I’m not going to try and sell you some mumbo-jumbo about some whiz-bang-technique that is a magic wand for all of your problems. Instead, I’ll tell you that with an investment of mental and emotional focus for an hour or two each week, 100% commitment to succeed, and a true desire to change what is currently happening inside your mind, then I can help you breakthrough anxiety, stop panic attacks, and emotionally resolve past traumatic memories.

It IS possible to be able to trust yourself, to feel empowered, content, and to experience internal peace and even happiness in life…


How, you ask?

By changing your brain using the parts of your mind you haven’t yet utilised.

Consider how you're 'automatically' able to walk, blink, breathe, and move your fingers, hands and arms without thinking about it...

Now think about how anxiety 'automatically' happens too...

It's no coincidence. The same non-conscious parts of your mind and brain are in charge of all of it all, and no amount of medication, talking, journalling, or affirmations will resolve the underlying cause(s) of your anxiety.


You may not believe it yet, but you already have everything you need inside yourself (non-consciously) to resolve the trauma of the past, to stop panic attacks, or to bring anxiety back to its normal level of functioning.

When you work with me you’ll have access to my extensive anxiety knowledge, anxiety resolution experience, years of therapeutic expertise guiding the non-conscious parts of the mind, and ongoing support, to begin your transformation and help you experience change from the very first session.

My therapy approach isn’t for everyone. If you want to ‘talk shit through', or find medication that will work quickly like a headache pill, I can’t help. But if you want to stop panic attacks, resolve traumatic memories, and get anxiety back to normal levels then we should talk… This is exactly what I can help you with.


One last thing…

…when working with me you won’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all, from-a-textbook type of therapy. I deeply understand that everyone is an individual. And while the symptoms of anxiety can be universal, the causes of your anxiety, and your lived experiences and past traumas are unique to you.

With a genuine desire to change and a strong commitment, CHANGE WON’T TAKE YEARS - I can promise that you will feel different from the first session.

To begin working with me, I need to know more about you…Use the button below to schedule a free strategy session now and we can discuss the how long, what to expect, how much, and how change will happen, directly related to you and your circumstances.

Then, at the end of the call, YOU GET TO DECIDE if I am the right person to help you start living anxiety free

Success stories
I have been absolutely blown away by the treatment I received. Oliver not only exceeded my expectations like nothing else but I never thought I could say that after three sessions with Oliver, I am now 8 weeks free of any anti-anxiety medication and I am never looking back!...

Claire B

A friend recommended that I contact Oliver and see if he might be able to assist me. He was more than happy to come to my aid. After a few sessions with Oliver it is remarkable the changes I have experienced. By using his techniques daily I have turned my Life around and am now back in control of my thoughts. I am enjoying full night sleeps. I'm waking up with good feelings and positive thoughts. I wanted to pass on my experience with Oliver to you as I am very grateful and excited that he has been able to help me in a low point in my life and I believe he can help you too...

 Adam T

I started to wonder if this wasn’t all too easy… how come I didn’t have to go back and relive all my past issues.…. would my happiness come to a halt… would I revert back to depression and sadness when I didn’t have Oliver to talk to? That’s the good thing about...

Alice L

Cassie came to me in 2014 with a debilitating fear of heights and flying. Watch this video (made one year later) to see what she was able to achieve without the limitations holding her back!

Cassie H


Ready to begin your changes? 

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Who am I?

Oliver Armstrong

Clinical Therapist
A formal about me: I hold a diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. And since starting my practice in 2013 I have evolved my approach by blending conversational hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) and Advanced linguistic techniques; to develop a style of therapy which can help you change unwanted emotional responses, thought patterns or beliefs rapidly, without having to 'dig-up' and talk about the past.
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